Showcase your services to a global network of suppliers, distributors, and verified contractors! If you’re missing an employee or have an influx of work, let Renesent help you complete your jobs on time and in budget.

World’s biggest enterprises use Renesent

The Renesent marketplace allows service providers to complete jobs they would otherwise be unable to complete through a global network of verified contractors and distributors 

Why Renesent?

Stop turning away business!
Don’t let a missing employee hurt your productivity!
Renesent provides a platform for businesses to connect and sell goods that are left over or services that they cannot perform. By doing so, businesses will earn more revenue and never lose cash flow.

  • No Leftover Material: If you didn’t need as much material as you thought, you can now work to sell it rather than let it go to waste.
  • Never Turn Away Business: If you have more jobs than you can handle, let Renesent help you find a local contractor that can take some of those jobs off your hands yet still earn you money!

Utilize a Global Network

Renesent sells products and services for any industry while marketing companies on search engines around the world. You can use our global fulfillment (warehousing) solutions to keep unsold goods in our facilities. This method will allow you to focus on actual products and services that make you money. Renesent focus on operations to save you time.


Sell Your Services to Suppliers

Through Renesent, you will be able to market yourself to the world’s top suppliers, enabling better sales and networking for your business. If you’d like to go one step further, you can increase your visibility and reputation with premium search advertising. Finally, through Renesent you will be able to manage quotes and get recurring long-lasting business.

List your services on Renesent

If you’re interested in listing your services on Renesent, you’ll need to choose a service  that will work best with your business needs. Check out our three options and get started today!



  • Your custom profile
  • Connect with contractors & distributors
  • Trade securely with top suppliers


  • Everything in business
  • Search engine enhanceme
  • Automated marketing tools
  • Project portfolio publishing
  • Social media automated posting
  • Reputation management assistance


  • Personal intro & deal closing assistance
  • Account executive to help sell product/service
  • Scheduling & dispatching assistance
  • Account Manager to oversee operations
  • Call recording tracking & survey reports
  • Warehousing, logistics, storage, & fulfillment
  • V-office mail, scan, & print service
  • V-office mail, scan, & print service
  • Affiliate drop-shipping e-commerce partner & public warehousing