Moving Made Easy

We cover small moves for $1 a mile for driving, $1 per minute Of labor

Add revenue with jobs you never want to do.

Renesent standby on-demand workforce provides the most cost effective solution for moving companies to turn dead leads into money making machines. We provide a revenue share model which companies get 10% from total job booked. Renesent pays out weekly and companies make additional revenue to the bottom line.


Your profile will have complete outlook under a single dashboard 

⁃Customize pickups and deliveries 

⁃Select your working radius 

⁃Choose transportation equipment 

⁃Consolidate your deliveries for efficiency 



Sign-up with Renesent and get your orders delivered now:

⁃set your pick up and deliveries 

⁃Select equipment type

⁃Pay securely through your profile 

⁃No revenue share or commissions

Order, manage, track

• Fulfillment, pick-up, delivery booking

•Ship to details and management 

•Any package any size

•Get instant pricing 

Customization that fits your business needs

Our logistical coordinators will work with your team along the way to ensure maximizing your profit margins and save you money with easier routes

 ⁃ Customize your orders and pricing 

⁃ Choose the best routes for your deliveries 

⁃ Select extra equipment you need 

⁃ Real-time reporting in a s single dashboard 

Increase clients trustworthiness with fastest deliveries

Notifications and tracking

⁃Driver arrival estimation alerts 

⁃SMS communication with customers in real-time 


LETS DO IT Deliver with Renesent and elevate your brand